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OzMRS Symposium

Dear COGNO member

The following is circulated on behalf of the Australasian Metastasis Research Society (OzMRS).  The OzMRS Symposium is a post COGNO ASM satellite meeting on 30 October at the University of Technology, Sydney. Please note registration for the OzMRS Symposium is separate to registration for the COGNO ASM and is available at https://www.ozmrs.com/.

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Dear all
The Australasian Metastasis Research Society (OzMRS) is hosting a one-day research symposium on 30th October 2019, at the University of Technology in Sydney, on the free day between the COGNO (Cooperative Trials Group for Neuro-Oncology) meeting and the 6th Thomas Ashworth Symposium (TAS). Please see the attached flyer.  The Metastasis Symposium will focus on brain metastasis for the morning session and other aspects of metastasis in the afternoon, including a plenary lecture by Raghu Kalluri (MDACC).
The deadline for abstract submission for those wishing to be considered for Short Talks (15+5 minutes) or Flash Talks (5 mins total) or a poster is Monday October 7th.
You can register on the TAS conference site via the OzMRS website https://www.ozmrs.com/. The OzMRS website provides information on the meeting, society registration (its free!) Furthermore if you become a member an OzMRS member registration for the meeting is offered at a substantial discount ($50). You can join OzMRS with a simple form on the OzMRS website https://www.ozmrs.com/.
Its gearing up to be a fantastic meeting, with a number of speaker opportunities for short talks and flash talks selected from abstracts as well as international guests including Dr Seema Nagpal (Stanford), Associate Professor Helen Shih (Harvard Medical School) and Professor Raghu Kalluri (MD Anderson), and a keynote talk from Dr Eng-Siew Koh (Liverpool Hospital).
We are looking forward to seeing you there!
Rik Thompson
On behalf of the OzMRS committee

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Kind regards
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